Tree Surgery

Tree Removal and Pruning

We’re qualified to do tree removal and pruning safely and to Australian Standards. The area around your tree will be tidy when we’re done and you can choose to keep the wood, mulch it, or have it removed.

Tip: Cheapest isn’t always better. Make sure your arborist is qualified with at least Certificate III in Arboriculture. Check they’re fully insured, including workers compensation and public liability.

Powerline Clearing

We’re Evo Energy Accredited Tree Surgeons which means we have the right training, safety procedures, and equipment to perform powerline clearing in Canberra.

Tip: Ask your Arborist to present their Vegetation Management Card as proof they’re accredited.

Pest and Disease Control

We can identify pests and disease that may be harming your tree and treat to eradicate or stabilise.

Tip: Are your Elm tree’s leaves looking holey? Elm Leaf Beetle is infesting Canberra’s elms.

Tree Planting

We can assess your property’s micro-climate to suggest the most appropriate trees for you. We can move existing trees to other appropriate areas and develop tree planting strategies for larger public areas or heritage sites.

Soil Conditioning

Having rich and fertile soil will help your trees health and appearance. We can assess your soil and provide you with treatments if required.