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While opinions are split on Canberra’s urban design, one thing is certain – it’s a city full of trees. In fact, 56 percent of the ACT region is covered in trees – that’s the highest coverage across 16 Australian capital and major cities!

Canberra’s extensive greenery helps to beautify the city and contributes to healthier environment, so the trees deserve to be looked after in every possible way. At Gold Leaf Tree Services, we know just how to do this. If you’re in need of advice, or tree maintenance, our team of qualified professionals are here to help.

Who we are

Gold Leaf Tree Services is a local business that provides high quality tree management services in the Canberra region. We pride ourselves on offering quality service from a first-class team, and on building exceptional customer relationships. We love what we do, so we’re always up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the arboriculture industry. Most importantly, we value trees, so we take a holistic view when it comes to their care and management.

What we do

Our services cover all aspects of tree care and management. That includes tree pruning, pest and disease control, tree removal, and emergency assistance should you ever need it. Powerline clearing is a speciality. If you receive a notice from ActewAGL to prune back your trees, or you’re simply concerned your trees may be growing too close to powerlines, we have the experience and accreditation to clear them safely.

Consultancy for homes and businesses

If you don’t know a lot about trees, don’t worry. We can be called upon for consultancy in any aspect of tree management. Our consultants are qualified and insured arborists who can help you make the best decisions for property maintenance, developments, insurance and risk. This includes advice about caring for and preserving the trees on your property, and when you might best consider tree removal. Remember relocation is another option. If your architectural plans look to impose on a current tree site, we have the expertise to safely relocate those trees to another area on the property.

We can even help you get started if you’re wanting to plant trees in a new home or property development, but don’t know which variety to choose or where might be the ideal placement. Our qualified arborists can assess your soil and micro-climate to come up with your best options.

Who we work with

We’re committed to ensuring the longevity and good health of Canberra’s urban forest. To do this, we work with households and businesses of all sizes, plus schools, government bodies and heritage properties.

We also work in conjunction with builders, developers and garden landscapers to assess the impact of construction projects on existing trees, and offer effective solutions.

Benefits of looking after your trees

So just what are the benefits of caring for your – and our – trees? There are plenty.

On a personal level, healthy and well-maintained trees contribute an element of calm and positive aesthetic to your home or business. This essentially means they look fabulous and people enjoy them.

Trees can also add perceived value to a property. Properties that have extensive gardens or are located in tree-lined streets are often seen as being especially desirable. Looking after your trees is one of the best ways to enhance your home, and maintaining their health will ensure they’re retained into the future.

On a wider level, there is absolutely no doubt that trees have a very important role to play in the environment. They’re vital to preserving a natural habitat for birds and small animals, a necessary part of reducing the effect of carbon emissions, and may even help you cut household energy bills if planted in the correct areas to shade your home.

Why choose an arborist?

Our team is made up of trained and experienced arborists, and when it comes to understanding trees, qualifications count. There are many tree lopping services whose employees lack horticultural qualifications. They’re not as likely to have the necessary skills or offer the same level of expertise we can. Trained arborists have a thorough knowledge of tree biology and are best placed to care for and maintain the health of trees, to prune them for best results (and to Australian Standards), and safely remove and relocate them when needed.

The Gold Leaf Service

Gold Leaf Tree Services is an industry specialist. If you’re in need of tree management services, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and information. We’re committed to giving you the best service possible at a reasonable price, and in contributing to Canberra’s valuable urban forest so it continues to be one of Australia’s ‘greenest’ cities.