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When we think about our assets we tend to focus on the value of our house. However, the value of trees is important to remember because they give you financial, health and environmental benefits.

Increase your property value

Many of the leafiest suburbs in Canberra are the most affluent. Why? Established, well-cared for trees that line the streets and adorn people’s yards create a sense of security and a healthy environment.

It’s difficult to determine the exact dollar value of trees on a home but property advisors estimate healthy trees with a good canopy can add a 10 per cent margin to a property’s value (Smart Investor, 2012).

The location, species, size, and health of your tree are key factors in its overall value.

Save on energy costs

You save on heating and cooling bills by having carefully planted trees in your yard. Trees modify your home’s micro-climate and conserve energy use by:

  • providing shade to reduce your house’s heat absorption in summer
  • slowing winds to reduce the amount of heat lost from your house in winter
  • converting liquid water to water vapour which cools the air (The Center for Urban Forest Research, 2013)

You need to have strategically planted trees to receive all of these benefits. Our qualified arborists can give you advice on this.

Contribute to a better environment

Healthy trees in your yard help lower carbon emissions that heat our atmosphere. Trees maintain safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by removing and storing CO2 as they grow (Carbon Neutral, 2011). This means the carbon doesn’t enter our atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Better health

The value of trees extends to your health. Trees make you breathe easy by absorbing pollutants through their leaves, intercepting air particles like dust, releasing oxygen and lowering air temperatures through their canopy (The Center for Urban Forest Research, 2013).

Getting the right advice

Save in the long-term by getting the right advice now. Our qualified arborists can help you plant the right trees in the right location, check the health of your trees, and do maintenance so you get the best from your asset.

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