The Canberra garden in March

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Canberra Garden Gold Leaf Tree Services

Enjoy the last weeks of warm weather in March by keeping busy in the garden. To help you start, we’ve put together some tasks ideally completed at the beginning of Autumn.

  • Your soil will still be warm from the summer months. If you want to plant, patch up the lawn, or grow some winter vegetables like cauliflower, now is the ideal time before it gets too cool.
  • Get some mulch to keep your soil as moist as possible during our dry winter.  You can add any dropped or old foliage from summer into your compost or contact us for a load.
  • If you own citrus fruit trees, keep watering them and apply a fruit and citrus fertilizer to promote good growth throughout Autumn.
  • If you own apple or pear trees, watch your fruit mature and pick them before the birds do. You can also apply a net over these trees to avoid damage. Pears should be still hard when picked.
  • Look up! If your trees look like they are reaching 1.5 metres or closer to power lines, get them professionally pruned before you receive a notice.

Have fun in your garden and of course, we would love to help you out. If you need mulch, planting advice, pruning work, or power line clearing contact us for a free quote.