Spruce Spider Mite Attack Conifers

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Spruce spider mite are causing serious damage on many of our Conifers this year; leaving them with damaged and rusty coloured foliage (or none at all). Conifers include Cedar, Pine, and Cypress trees. Many homeowners use these for hedges. The best way to prevent a Spruce spider mite attack is to maintain a healthy tree because the mites are most attracted to Conifers under stress.

What is Spruce spider mite?

Spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis) only attack Conifers and have a devastating impact on its foliage and health.  They’re incredibly small so you may not notice them crawling around on your tree. You will however quickly notice the damage they cause.

Spruce spider mite damage

Spruce spider mites feed on the sap of trees, resulting in bleached or rusted discolouration of the foliage. The mites prefer to feed on older foliage first. This makes your tree look like it’s dying from the inside out. You may also see a fine silky web covering the branches of your Conifer. This can be a sign of a major infestation which can significantly weaken your tree or even kill it.


The best way to deal with Spruce spider mite and save your tree is by keeping it in optimum health naturally. Spruce spider mites are attracted to stressed trees so you need to remove that factor through chemical-free soil treatments and foliar spray, deep watering, and mulching.

Insecticides and miticides can be used to control Spruce spider mite but we prefer not to use them because they can also kill many beneficial insects. Spraying large trees is also often expensive and difficult to prevent drift onto neighbouring areas. They also don’t give your tree any nutritional benefits so your tree will most likely remain stressed and continue to attract pests and disease.

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