Powerline Clearing Canberra

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Powerline Clearing

Protect your home from fire and power outages by making sure your trees are clear of powerlines, power poles, and overhead cables.

Three things to remember

  1. Home owners and tenants are responsible for checking their trees are clear from powerlines.
  2. Trees need to be more than 1.5 metres away from powerlines.
  3. You can get fined for doing powerline clearing yourself. You must use an ActewAGL Accredited Tree Surgeon.

Owners and tenants are responsible

In Canberra, property owners and tenants are responsible for checking the distance between trees and powerlines. You can be fined up to $1000 for letting trees get closer than 1.5 metres. If you’re a tenant, contact your landlord if the trees are getting too close.

ActewAGL regularly inspect Canberra’s neighbourhoods to check powerline safety. If they notice your trees are too close to powerlines, they’ll leave you a request to have an ActewAGL Accredited Tree Surgeon prune them by a specified date.

Don’t get hurt or fined

Don’t attempt powerline clearing yourself. Working near live wires is high risk to your safety and your neighbourhood’s electricity supply. In Canberra, you can be fined for attempting powerline clearing if the tree is closer than 1.5 metres.

ActewAGL Accredited Tree Surgeons

ActewAGL has accredited tree surgeons, like Gold Leaf Tree Services, to make sure powerline clearing is performed to the highest standard. ActewAGL Accedited Tree Surgeons attend regular training so they can perform the work according to regulations and safety procedures.

To have the title of ActewAGL Accredited Tree Surgeon, arborists must have appropriate qualifications, insurance, safety procedures, and good quality equipment. To check you’re working with an ActewAGL Accredited Tree Surgeon, ask them for their ActewAGL Vegetation Management card.

Power outages

If your trees grow too close to powerlines, you may need to pay for the cost of an electricity outage. To avoid outage fees contact your accredited tree surgeon before your trees get within 1.5 metres of powerlines or power poles. If you need a power outage, your accredited tree surgeon can arrange this for you with ActewAGL.

More information

Visit actewagl.com.au for detailed information on vegetation management and powerline clearing.