Naughty cocky! Cockatoos and trees

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Cockatoos and trees Gold Leaf Tree Services

Cockatoos and trees

Cockatoos are one of our treasured national birds and are commonly seen in Canberra gardens. They are social, playful, loud, strong, and can be quite destructive to your trees.

Although they have some annoying habits; cockatoos are a protected species in Australia and we need to learn how to live with them.

Preventing damage from chewing

Cockatoos like to chew to break seeds, eat, and maintain the length of their beak. In suburban areas they can use a range of backyard objects to chew on including wires, solar heating, furniture and trees. Protecting these objects with barriers or netting is the most practical way of deterring cockatoos.

Cockatoos and fruit trees

Cockatoos are certainly attracted to fruit trees, so think about placing nets over your fruit trees to keep them away. They also love having a chew at Eucalypts and other native trees because this is their preferred place to nest. Hollows in natives are not always harmful, but contact us if you have any concerns.