Mulch much? Benefits to the garden

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Mulch Canberra Gold Leaf Tree Services

If you want to keep your garden looking healthy during the warmer months consider spreading some mulch.


During storm season, rain can wash away your top soil. Having a good 10 centimetre layer of mulch will make sure it stays in place, soaks in moisture effectively, and reduce evaporation. It will also eliminate the risk of your soil hardening in the sun and limiting the amount of water that can penetrate when it does rain.

Best types of mulch

The most valuable mulch is organic. It penetrates the soil to deliver natural nutrients to your trees. It can include manure, grass clipping, wood chips and shredded prunings.  This type of mulch will attract worms which promote water penetration through their burrows and help break down nutrients for your plants.

Purchasing mulch

You can purchase mulch from your nursery or landscaping supply store. You can also express interest to purchase some from us when we have some spare. If you are getting your trees pruned you can ask us to mulch it to get the most value from your plant debris.