Lopping is a dirty word

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Lopping is a swear word to tree care professionals. It has been recognised as a harmful tree surgery procedure for over 25 years but there are contractors that continue to offer the service.

Lopping or ‘topping’ is the cutting of branches or stems between branch unions or at internodes on trees. Many people think because their tree is big they need to lop it but it is important to remember that a big tree is not automatically a dangerous tree. In fact, a well-cared for large tree can be a very valuable asset to your property.

The damaging effects of lopping

  • Lopping usually involves removing around 50 per cent or more of the tree’s canopy. This starves the tree and causes it undue stress.
  • The regrowth (which is the tree’s survival mechanism) is crowded, weakly attached and grows much quicker than its normal growth.
  • Lopped trees usually reach their original height within a few years, but now pose danger because of weak regrowth.
  • The result looks terrible and devalues your tree.
  • Lopped trees are far more susceptible to fungal and insect attack.

If you have a large tree that you think needs some attention, contact us to discuss best practice pruning methods which comply with Australian standards.