Caring for Trees in the Canberra Region

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Canberra is fortunate to have an emphasis on trees in its urban design. This makes Canberra a picturesque place to live, adds value to our land, provides a natural habitat for fauna, and is a legacy for our future generations.

Canberra has a mix of native and exotic trees. Many were planted during Canberra’s establishment in the early 1900s. These trees include Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow box) and Quercus palustris (Pin oak).

Understanding Canberra’s climate and your soil is necessary to get the most value from your trees and grow suitable species for your property.

Quick facts about the Canberra climate

  • Canberra’s climate is mostly dry with low humidity.
  • We experience cold winters (11.2°*) and warm summers (27.7°**).
  • March to May delivers the steadiest weather.
  • Around 108 days of the year rain. The average annual rainfall is 629mm.
  • The wettest month is October and the driest month is June.
  • Thunderstorm season is October to March.
  • Canberra residents in the West experience more rainfall than the East.
  • Canberra winds pick up in late winter and through spring.
  • Snow fall is rare in Canberra.
  • Cool, clear and sunny winter days bring around 99 frosts a year.
  • The sun is out on average 7.6 hours a day.

Source: BOM

*average temperature July
**average temperature January

As Canberra continues to grow, it is vital that the urban forest expands with it. Gold Leaf Tree Services can help you consider your environment and suggest ways to get the most out of your grounds and plant the best trees for growth in the Canberra region.


Soil supports your tree and feeds it essential minerals, nutrients and water. Canberra soil can be heavily clay based and difficult for some trees to grow in. Clay can make water penetration difficult and in summer it can dry and crack. Proper care and management of soil can allow your tree to receive the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Gold Leaf Tree Services can give you information on the type of soil on your property, provide you with a soil management plan and select the best trees to plant in your area.

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