Spruce Spider Mite Attack Conifers

Spruce spider mite are causing serious damage on many of our Conifers this year; leaving them with damaged and rusty…

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Assessing Tree Health and Safety

Many of our clients simply want peace of mind when it comes to their trees. They ask things like…

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Powerline Clearing Canberra

Protect your home from fire and power outages by making sure your trees are clear of powerlines, power poles,…

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10 Tree Tips for Canberra Bushfire Season

Enjoy your summer in Australia’s bush capital knowing you’ve put some bushfire prevention measures in place for your trees…

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Treating Elm Leaf Beetle

If you own an Elm tree, you’re part of a special group. Australia has a significant portion of the world’s…

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Powerline Clearing
Elm Leaf Beetle Canberra

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Gold Leaf Tree Services provide you with professional and personalised tree services at a competitive cost. We aim to have a lasting relationship with you and provide regular, accurate and honest advice that is easy to understand.

Our services include:

  • tree removal and pruning
  • power line clearing
  • tree management plans
  • pest and disease control
  • soil conditioning
  • tree planting
  • risk assessments.